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The course offers ways of developing new perceptions of world as seen by an artist. Find inspiration to express each experience in a personal language and create images through colour and exciting materials. Along 14 weeks, principles of drawing and painting are progressively practised with techniques and subjects such as landscapes, still life, figure drawing and portrait. Course content may vary slightly from term to term dependent upon student needs and requests.


colourhint1Week 1


Mark-making, the Line and Perception. Experimenting with pens, pencils, charcoal and chalk to discover textures.

colourhint1Week 2

From 1D line to 2D shape

Proportions and Perspective are essential tools to help the artist to convey a convincing representation of space and communicate emotions from a given point-of-view.

colourhint1Week 3

From 2D shape to 3D form

We perceive shape by observing how light and shade define the 3D form of an object, and drawing will use techniques to represent impressions of 3D objects.

colourhint1Week 4

The logic of light I

You will observe and represent the way light and shade define the 3D form of an object and how light is reflected onto different surfaces.

colourhint1Week 5

The logic of light II

Light, shadows and reflections can be represented in different ways, of which we will study Texture, Sfumato and Chiaroscuro.

colourhint1Week 6

Colour theory and watercolour I

We explore the Colour Wheel, Water Colour techniques and properties.

colourhint1Week 7

Colour theory and watercolour II

Water Colour techniques and properties continued in more challenging projects.

colourhint1Week 8

Impressionism and watercolour pencils

Based on principles of Impressionism, Watercolour Pencils are used to convey Shadows and Colour.

colourhint1Week 9

Composition and oil pastels

All the previous principles of drawing and colour are combined to refine Composition, through studying Oil Pastel techniques and Monet.

colourhint1Week 10

Figure drawing and soft pastels I

This lesson is essentially inspired in the fluidity and colour of Impressionist master Degas and Soft Pastel techniques.

colourhint1Week 11

Portraits, soft pastels II and acrylics I

Portrait techniques are used to create Self Portraits in pastels, and Acrylics are introduced as a new painting medium.

colourhint1Week 12

Cubism and acrylics II

Here we take Acrylic painting techniques further and explore Picasso’s cubist portraits.

colourhint1Week 13

Personal projects

Opportunity to develop a multi-media or favourite medium project with individual tutoring.

colourhint1Week 14

Personal projects

Further opportunity to develop a multi-media or favourite medium project with individual tutoring. Final exhibition.


Choose from the morning, evening or afternoon classes

Our daytime classes are three hours long which allows plenty of time for learning techniques and skills and also means you can work on and complete projects to take home. Our evening classes run for two hours and we cover the same course content but the art projects are planned to fit in with the class timescales.

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