All artwork has been created by ColourWheel students


Course Details

Our classes are led by talented artists who are also experienced teachers. The course unfolds from Beginner to Improver levels, working at a structured pace of learning to develop perception and techniques to allow our students to work with different media materials at increasingly challenging projects.

As well as the foundations of Drawing and Painting, the work of various classical and contemporary British and international masters is also presented as a strong reference to illustrate the lessons and inspire students to acquire the knowledge and experience they need to allow them to be able to develop their own style of work and discover their preferred choice of media.

All these art principles and techniques are progressively applied to charcoal, graphite, watercolour pencils, watercolour paints, pen and ink, soft and oil pastels and acrylics, explored both individually and combined as mixed media.


colourhint1Week 1

The Line and Mark Making

Mark making in pens, pencil and compressed charcoal, introduction to drawing materials.

colourhint1Week 2

Light Logic I

Light and shadow in observational drawing, creating impressions of 2D and 3D form.

colourhint1Week 3

Shape and Form

Exploring the tonal chart combined with principles of perspective, using tone in observational drawing with graphite.

colourhint1Week 4

Light Logic II

Composition with light and shadow for observational drawing and the first steps to drawing a portrait (optional) with graphite and watercolour pencils.

colourhint1Week 5

The Colour Wheel and Harmony

Learning to develop a colour wheel, making colours and colour shadows. Real life drawing principles applied to colour, with watercolour pencils.

colourhint1Week 6

Tracing Shadows and Negative Space

Shadows in composition, mark making with pen and watercolour techniques.

colourhint1Week 7

Colour Theory and Watercolour

Exploring different watercolour techniques and working with watercolour paper.

colourhint1Week 8

Composition and Watercolour

Principles of composition, brush control exercises plus mixed media.

colourhint1Week 9

Oil Pastels and Composition

Exploring various techniques and mixed media, combining oil pastels with watercolours.

colourhint1Week 10

Soft Pastels Techniques

Techniques used for painting landscapes and portraits, exploring facial features.

colourhint1Week 11

Soft Pastels for Portraits

Learning planar analysis, exploring the expressive potential of colours and all the drawing principles learned along the course.

colourhint1Week 12

Acrylics and Composition

Exploring techniques, the use of impasto gel and painting seascapes.

colourhint1Week 13

Acrylics and Mixed Media

Students develop their personal projects with mixed media or any of the materials used throughout the course.

colourhint1Week 14

Personal Project

Conclusion of a personal project working with mixed media or a single favourite material introduced during the course.


New techniques and resources are gradually added to our lessons at the different course levels, from Beginners to Returners and Improvers.

Choose from the morning, evening or afternoon classes

Our daytime classes are three hours long which allows plenty of time for learning techniques and skills and also means you can work on and complete projects to take home. Our evening classes run for two hours and we cover the same course content but the art projects are planned to fit in with the class timescales.

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