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Frequently asked questions

Our students have asked us these questions before. We have pulled them together and listed our answers for you.
When does the next course start?

Our next course for all locations will start in September 2019.

Which day of the week are the courses held?

Daytime Classes – Maidenhead, Romsey, Butlers Cross, Exeter and Raleigh are on a Tuesday.

Welwyn, Camberley and Durham are on a Wedneday.  Englefield Green and Windsor are on a Thursday and Princes Risborough is on a Friday morning.

Evening Classes – Waltham St Lawrence in on a Monday, Raleigh in on a Tuesday, Camberley, Butlers Cross, Topsham, Durham and Totton are on a Wednesday.

How long are the courses?

Each daytime class lasts for three hours, morning or afternoon to suit your schedule and the evening class lasts for two hours.

How much does the beginners/improvers course cost?

Each daytime course is charged at £340 and this includes and your art materials and supplies. This is 42 hours of tuition which equates to £8 per hour. The evening course is charged at £225 and £250 (for Topsham and Waltham St Lawrence) and again includes all materials and supplies.

US classes – Raleigh, North Carolina daytime classes are three hours long and cost $500 and the two hour evening class costs $335.

Where are the courses held?

ColourWheel Art Classes are designed to inspire you and so are the venues we use. Our Maidenhead course uses Norden Arts Centre, our Windsor class is held at the Racecourse and our Chilterns courses use Ellesborough Hall in Butlers Cross and Princes Risborough at the Baptist Church.  In the US in Raleigh, NC classes and are held at the All Saints Chapel.  Camberley is at the Cricket Club and the Sonning classes are at the Sonning Golf Club.  Waltham St Lawrence classes are in Neville Hall.   Our Exeter classes are at West Town Farm and the Salutation Inn in Topsham.  Durham classes are in the amazing Ushaw College, Charnwood is held at Rothley Court. All the venues are in beautiful surroundings and have ample free parking and full disabled access.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the class?

No, included in the cost of the course is all the painting and drawing equipment you will need to produce fun and creative work.

What if I learn at a different rate to others in the class?

Our classes are limited to a maximum of 20 participants to allow the tutors ample time to spend with you so that you can develop at your natural speed.

How can I book?

You can either call the ColourWheel office on 01628 676979 or book through the website: Book a Course

What if I miss a lesson?

This is not a problem, the teacher will make sure that you are don’t miss any skills and techniques and work with you to make sure you are on track with the rest of the curriculum. In addition we invite you back to the next course to make up any lessons you missed with no charge.

Once I have completed the course can I book again?

Yes! We would love you to book another course, in fact lots of people do. Our curriculum allows our teachers to work on different projects with you for each course so you will never have the same project twice. If you have previously attended a course the projects designed for you will aim to stretch and improve your skills. Our lessons are three hours long which allows ample time for your teacher to work with you to develop and hone the skills you have learned so that you can make significant progress during further courses.

Morning, evening and afternoon classes available

We are happy to answer any questions you may have but if you would like to see what the classes are like for yourself we can arrange for you to visit your local class, meet the teacher and other students and even join in for a lesson. Call us on 01628 676979 to find out more or book your place.

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