Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes

Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes

Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes



Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes


Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes


Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes

Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes


Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes


Be amazed at what you can achieve!

The ColourWheel Art Classes team are inspired by the desire to offer accessible, fun and creative art classes especially for people who think that they can’t draw or paint. All course materials are provided all you have to bring along is yourself.
Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes

ColourWheel art classes for adults are part-time and have been designed for beginners and improvers. Drawing inspiration from nature and the rich colour wheel of life we will teach you the techniques you need to produce beautiful works of art. If you think you can’t draw you‘re wrong, you just need to be shown how. Giving you the right tools and skills you will be on your way to producing work you never thought you could.

Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes
Over the 14 weeks you will be instructed how to use different paint materials to the best effect. Sketching and working with different mediums depending on the projects you are working on. You will be guided gently and taught by our wonderful and encouraging tutors. You will explore your creativity and produce paintings and drawings you will be proud to show others.
The ColourWheel Art courses are a fun and friendly place to learn and make new friends. Held in lovely venues that will inspire you, we will help you to see the world in a new and exciting way.
Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes

Our courses are flexible and allow improvers or those who have some art skills under their belts to build on what they already know and move forward to the next steps in their creative journey. Our course tutors are experienced working artists and teachers.
A Course Co-ordinator will attend each lesson assisting the tutor allowing each tutor to concentrate solely on what they do best, teaching you how to draw and paint.

Thinking of joining a class?

Speak to a Course Co-ordinator or book online today!

What our students say

I started my first term of the ColourWheel art class in Totton at the level of a very eager beginner, in love with watercolour which was the only medium I used and immensely satisfied with myself whenever I was able to produce work that resembled somehow the original subject. The classes turned out to be much better than I expected and simultaneously strengthened my confidence in my own abilities while expanding immensely my artistic knowledge. With every week, exploring a new exciting topic of art theory and a new medium, in a relaxed atmosphere that made me feel at ease and able to get the best out of my creativity, I learned almost without noticing about the basics of drawing, colour theory and mixing, composition and use of various media. I can now confidently (and smugly) use terms like shade, tint and tone, the rule of thirds and know that there are seven head heights inside the height of an ideal body (who would have guessed that)! I can visualise the colour wheel in my head and I have done a beautiful poppy painting using just the three primary colours and white :)). I have fallen in love with pastels and acrylics and use them confidently alongside watercolour in projects outside the class. I have also learned how to combine the various media and textures in surprising ways I wouldn’t have thought off working on my own. Where I also think that this course is special is that each week the students are given freedom in choosing the subject they want to paint and then guided according to their level of ability and encouraged to discover and develop their inner artistic skills and inclinations. The result is truly inspirational and I am sure that each one of us has been surprised at the creative resources that we all carry within.

The student exhibition organised at the end of each term is witness of this, as each one of us will find amongst the work we have created throughout the course at least one piece that we are happy to show to our friends and families.

Add to all these working in a spacious room surrounded by art and craft work of other groups, our lovely assistant Heidi welcoming you with a beaming smile and a box of yummy sweets every week, a relaxed environment where friendship springs effortlessly and banter and laughter fly freely between working tables and you will understand why the rhythm of my week goes now from Wednesday to Wednesday rather than one week-end to another. I am now in my third term of the course and still bewitched by it! So far no two classes addressing the same topic have been the same and therefore they have kept the freshness and excitement of the first day. I don’t think I would ever tire of attending the course and if I will ever stop it will be just because I need time to order in my head the vast amount of knowledge that I have acquired and to try to put it to practice. But then after I while I would want to get back. So for anyone out there tempted to try the ColourWheel art classes in Romsey and Totton – they are incredibly fun and exciting but irremediably addictive.


Course January 2018

What you can expect

Held in lovely and inspiring venues our art classes focus on delivering high quality teaching and our course content will give you a solid base of techniques and skills in a variety of mediums. Our classes are a wonderful place to meet new people and have fun.

See our classes in action and hear from Rene, who runs the Windsor and Maidenhead courses, describe what you can expect from the classes.

Palette of techniques and mediums

Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes

The course offers ways of developing a new perception of world as seen by an artist. Find inspiration to express each experience in a personal language and create images through colour and exciting materials. Throughout the 14 weeks, principles of drawing and painting are progressively practiced with techniques and subjects such as landscapes, still life, figure drawing and portrait.

Inspiration and company

Be inspired by what is around you, our relaxing venues are the perfect place to express your creativity. Our classes use a wide variety of media, including pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, watercolour and acrylic paints. Our classes allow you to develop your own style and we encourage you to develop your creativity. Our students are as varied as the art they produce but all have a love of art in common. Friendships are made and our students often meet up before or after class for lunch or coffee, sometimes planning painting trips to local beauty spots or visits to galleries. We always have an end-of-term party or event which is always welcomed and very well attended. You have a chance to look back on what you have achieved over the 14 weeks and see how much you have improved.

Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes
Inspired Art Classes ColourWheel Art Classes

Morning, evening and afternoon classes available

We are happy to answer any questions you may have but if you would like to see what the classes are like for yourself we can arrange for you to visit your local class, meet the teacher and other students and even join in for a lesson. Call us on 01628 676979 to find out more or book your place.

I have been sketching and painting on an irregular basis for about five years but had failed to progress from a basic level & was about to give up. A flyer came through the door and I noticed that the course provided all the materials & would teach many different mediums. I decided to give it a try and glad I did, the lessons are informative, we use different mediums & learn different techniques (Acrylic to Watercolour Paints, charcoal, inks, pastels to name just a few). Most of all it’s fun being with a group of likeminded people who help each other. There is a chance to socialise during coffee breaks, last year there was a private exhibition of our work held at Braywick Nature Centre in the evening. We also enjoyed a lovely a Christmas lunch as a group at Gogos at Windsor Marina. In fact, the only thing wrong with the course is that the 3 hours seem to pass too quickly! I regained my enthusiasm for art, and enjoyed it so much that I have now enrolled for my 5th term.

Jeff T., Maidenhead

Course January 2018

I used to love art when I was at school, that was some 35 years ago, but I never knew I had any talent. Discovering the Colour Wheel with Chris and Heidi was like a middle age awakening to me. I loved it so much. Great ‘banter’ with the other students as we stepped each week through learning steps towards composing our pieces of art. At the end of the first 14 weeks, I could not wait to come back and redo it. A little hesitant as to whether we would be just repeating the same thing, I have to give credit to Chris and his teaching abilities as he brilliantly approached the building steps from a different angle and each week I definitely learnt something new. I now feel confident in having a go with a variety of mediums knowing some of the things that can be achieved, and I now very rarely throw something out. It’s a brilliant course.

Tania S., Totton

Evening Class

Wendy and I thoroughly enjoyed our art classes with Antoinette and Vivienne effortlessly providing us with all we needed and Antoinette’s skilled gentle guidance in all the beautiful work we created. From being a complete novice I loved using all the varied mediums provided by ColourWheel and I was surprised and delighted with the beautiful pictures I created under the gentle guidance of a superb teacher, Antoinette. Thank you both again. It was a lovely experience.

Wendy and Sue, Sonning

Course May 2018

I know that the ColourWheel model clearly works and really facilitates the drawing-out of latent talent & skills abilities in a very creative and satisfying way which is both impressive and highly therapeutic from my own personal experience over two cycles of the ColourWheel courses. I, my family and friends are amazed and delighted by what I have learned to create in a relatively short time across so many mediums thanks to Nina’s guidance & tuition supported by Steve’s organisation of the courses.

Martin W., Princes Risborough

Course January 2018

I have absolutely loved my course, it’s my time to do something that I enjoy, just for ME! I’ve learnt so much in such a short time. The course more than exceeded my expectations, it’s a great social occasion as well as being a learning environment in which we thrive at what we do. The venue is excellent with great views, our fantastic teacher and host work so well as a team. Thank you, Erica and Rene. I’ve just loved the whole thing! I have met so many lovely people and loved being somewhere where I can just learn and improve at my own speed. I have recommended ColourWheel classes to many of my friends. I have booked my place on the next course.

Jo B., Windsor

Course January 2018

I currently attend ColourWheel Art classes on a Wednesday evening at Camberley Cricket Club. I have found the art classes very helpful and enjoyable. The art teacher is a very knowledgable and friendly person. The setting is great and the classroom is perfect! The class is made up of a mixture of men and ladies with varying experience (though mostly beginners, like me!) and all of them are very friendly. The course work is very interesting and we learn (try out as well) a number of different mediums, i.e. drawing with pens, pencils and charcoal, oil and soft pastels, watercolour and acrylic paint. We also get taught colour mixing, composition, colour theory/harmony and light logic. All in all, a wonderful experience.

Paul, Camberley

Course May 2018

Not having touched anything artistic since my early teens, I was very anxious to begin studying art in my retirement! I need not have been concerned. The ColourWheel course has been carefully planned to enable me to gradually build up my knowledge and experience with each week’s activity introducing something new but further developing what we have already learned. The tutor is warm and encouraging, the atmosphere safe and friendly and I have been delighted with how I have progressed. I look forward to it enthusiastically as a highlight of my week. I can’t wait to see where the journey will take me next!

Helena, Camberley

Course May 2018

Well, I left class feeling a little sad today… as it was the last of a brilliant course. I just wanted to say thank you to you and Erica again for the most lovely time. I not only learned lots but so enjoyed the camaraderie within such a great like-minded group of people. Credit to you both for your amazing organisation skills, patience, and most of all brilliant sense of humour! All the very best and see you next year.

Michele, Windsor

Course September 2017

If you, like me, have experience with your art but it was a long time ago – in my case 17 years – your confidence might require a boost! You won’t regret it. The teaching is sensitive, very sound and very encouraging. No time is wasted, the subjects covered are extremely wide ranging and every opportunity is given to explore all media. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the course and will be returning to build on the experience. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and we learn from each other. A great way to spend 3 hours!

Kath, Sonning

Course May 2018

Chris went to the Falmouth School of Art where he did a Foundation Course combining Fine Art including painting and printmaking. He then went on to Chichester, University of Sussex where he did his degree in Art and Related Arts gaining his BA Hons. Chris also has excellent teaching credentials where he took his teacher training PGC at Exeter University, and so is very well qualified to teach further education. He has spent the last 12 years teaching adults art. Whilst not teaching, Chris is an accomplished artist who exhibits nationally and sometimes abroad, including New York, San Francisco and Holland. He lives in Fareham with his partner, son and dog, a Jack Russel Border Terrier cross called Marwood. Chris now paints more landscapes, as he paints what he sees and he is out walking his dog and is inspired by what he sees around him. He loves to visit North Cornwall to paint. As a teacher Chris loves watching people develop and create their art, he takes pride in the work that they do and how they express themselves to go beyond what they would normally achieve.

Heidi lives with her family in Romsey and her daytime and evening classes will be held locally. Heidi graduated from Portsmouth University with a BA in International Finance and Trade. She since met her husband and now has two children, aged 12 and 8. Prior to joining ColourWheel Heidi has experience of running her own restaurant business and is now very excited to be facing a new challenge. Along with her busy home life with her family Heidi loves to cook and tries to make time for sport. She has a love for art and her dream was to go to art school. Her practical side won the day but her creativity has never left her and she not only enjoys creating art herself but loves watching others grow and develop their skills.

Joanne is our ColourWheel Partner in Exeter, Devon. She spent most of her adult life living and working in Madrid, Spain. Whilst bringing up her two sons she continued her career in education as a primary school teacher ending up as a head teacher of a British school in Madrid. She recently returned to the UK with her husband, took some time out and signed up for ColourWheel classes in Windsor. She has recently moved to Exeter and ColourWheel presented an ideal opportunity for her. She enjoys all forms of art with music being one of her main passions. She enjoys living an outdoor lifestyle and is never happier than being at one with nature in Devon’s beautiful countryside.

Rene is our ColourWheel Partner in Maidenhead and Windsor. Rene has enjoyed a rewarding career as a Food & Nutrition teacher in secondary schools for 24 years. She lives with her husband in Windsor, with her daughter now grown, she transitioned into adult education for a change of lifestyle. Rene who is originally from South Africa has travelled extensively, living in the US and Australia. A very creative person, she continues to teach cake decorating and sugar-craft classes. Rene enjoys meeting new people, she creates a sense of community within her classes, believing the social aspect of art class compliments the tuition to create the perfect environment for creativity and friendship. She looks forward to welcoming you to class.

Erica is a freelance illustrator, designer, artist and teacher. Erica is passionate about art, jewellery design, and visual communication. She has a PGCE in Art Education from Goldsmiths College and a BA (Hons) Illustration from Southampton Solent University. She has taught art in local schools for many years as well as teaching art to adults in various settings. Erica also facilitates workshops for clients such as The Tate and The Wellcome Trust. She is an author, her book Cutting Edge Fashion Illustration has been published both is the UK and US. Erica lives locally with her husband and pug Pedro. When not teaching in class, she works from her home studio creating illustrations and jewellery designs. Have a look at some of her art on this website:

Inge is a professional painter and enthusiastic teacher with 15 years teaching experience, including painting, life drawing, illustration for fashion design as well as art and design history. She completed her B.A. Hons. Degree in Fine Art and History of Art in Cape Town, after which she changed direction and became a qualified cabinet-maker, eventually starting her own furniture design business. Painting called her back however, and she has been painting and teaching art full time since 1999 working with people of all ages and abilities. She has had 3 solo exhibitions and many group shows, she was recently one of the finalists in an episode of Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year. Inge specialises in figurative, narrative oil painting.

Vivienne is our ColourWheel partner in the Reading area. Vivienne was born in Reading, returning there to study Mechanical Engineering at Reading University. She then spent most of her working life in Africa, most recently in Tanzania, where she was coordinating projects to provide clean water and sanitation to some of the poorest communities. She returned to the UK in 2016 and decided to take some time out to do something for her own personal development – she signed up for ColourWheel classes in Windsor. She was so enthralled with the classes and amazed at what she had gained from the experience, that she signed up for a second term and started to enquire about the franchise opportunity. The rest is history, as they say! Vivienne is a keen environmentalist and loves nature and animals, which are her main inspiration when drawing and painting. She believes that art is one of the best therapies for life and wellbeing.

Antoinette is a freelance artist, fine art restorer and visual arts tutor based in Surrey. She graduated from Wimbledon School of Art with a BA (hons) degree in Technical Arts followed shortly after by her training as a conservator of easel paintings. She works predominantly in the medium of painting in both her art and restoration practice, but has worked on large scale installations and sculptural pieces for commissioned projects as well as film and theatre. This has included commissioned artworks for Goldsmiths University, London, Warwick University and other private clients. Outside the studio, Antoinette also enjoys teaching visual art workshops and classes in schools, museums and local community settings. Over the years she has worked with a wide range of young people and adults through organisations such as South Hill Park, the Tate Galleries and Woking College. She looks forward to the opportunity to meet new students and share her creative knowledge and skills.

Shelagh is a painter, printmaker and teacher. After years spent working in the world of publishing, she went back to university again, gaining a degree in Fine Art from the University of Reading, followed by a PGCE in Art Education. She has taught in schools and in adult education, and strongly believes that everyone can reap the rewards of exploring their creative potential. Shelagh exhibits regularly in group exhibitions and attends as many workshops as time allows – she loves learning new skills and finding different ways to be creative.
Visit to see Shelagh’s work.

Steve is our Partner for the Butlers Cross daytime and evening class, he has a wealth of experience managing the teams delivering a first class customer service experience in often difficult situations. The move to ColourWheel is a breath of fresh air for him and allows him to work with his passion for art. As well as art, Steve has many hobbies and interests and he has recently completed an Open University degree in Humanities. He is a father of two and is very involved in the local community, serving on several committees that serve the local youth groups.

Ewa is an enthusiastic, warm and encouraging teacher and is extremely popular with our students. Ewa studied Applied Art at Hertfordshire University. She is a talented artist and sculptress and her work promotes British culture and history. Ewa works with English Heritage designing costume and scenery for events. Her work is exceptionally detailed and is shown around the UK. As well as teaching art Ewa is a talented horsewoman and teaches jousting along with other equine combat techniques.

Michael is our Partner in Durham, he will be hosting art classes in the City and surrounding areas. Michael grew up and has lived in the Durham area all his life, he is a husband and a father of two. He has spent a large part of his working life with the Royal Mail and is very much looking forward to a role where he works with people as they learn and grow their artistic skills. He is a natural people person and facilitator who will make sure the students have a wonderful class experience. Michael loves the surrounding area, he likes being outdoors and is a very keen sportsman, he loves running, cycling, fell-walking and is often accompanied by his faithful companion, a black lab named Dodge.

Jayne went to Cleveland College of Art and Design, then went onto Manchester Metropolitan University where she did her BA Hons in fashion. Moving to London following her graduation she worked in design for 4 years before having a ‘Damascus’ moment and completely changing direction in her career. Wanting to do something much more fulfilling Jayne retrained as a teacher passing her PGCE at Greenwich University. Jayne has taught art for many years, she is extremely active in her community and has a passion for the art and culture of the North East, particularly wanting to bring the heritage of her area to the local children. She has produced murals for the local area and also directed the Durham Ensemble’s performance in Stratford for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Associate Schools Playmaking Festival. Jayne is currently fascinated by trees and her work is focusing on pen and ink but experimenting with watercolours. She is also planning to get back to life drawing.

When she is not teaching, working on her art or looking after her family Jayne loves to work on her allotment growing her own fruit and vegetables. She loves cycling, yoga and travelling in Northern Europe and Scotland where the landscape gives her inspiration. Jayne is married with a daughter and lives just moments from our Durham venue at Ushaw College.

Jo initially trained at Dartington College of Arts and she then worked in Community Arts for many years doing street theatre, painting murals and creating public sculptures. She returned to fine art painting, completing a BA Hons in Sheffield and also experimented in dance and performance art (Edinburgh Fringe). After becoming a mother she taught textiles and drawing in schools and colleges. Throughout this time Jo continued to paint large abstract canvases and exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions (RWA & National Open). She has recently enjoyed creating contemporary theatre sets for youth drama, but her passion is in drawing from life and experimental painting. She believes art is a restorative process, individually and socially.

Shivani is currently undertaking a two-year artist residency at a boarding school in Surrey. She has a Masters in Painting from the Royal College of Art and also spent a year studying drawing and painting at the Cyprus College of Art. She has exhibited widely in the UK, Cyprus and New York, and is excited to help our students on their artistic journey.

Rav is our partner in the beautiful, rural region of Worcestershire, managing classes in Worcester and Malvern, located at two of Worcester’s most iconic and characterful Abbeys, The Abbey Hotel and Stanbrook Abbey. She grew up in the midlands and studied finance and management. She has spent most of her career in sales and marketing working nationwide. She enjoys travelling with her husband and taking advantage of Worcester’s many walking trails. She has a very philosophical view to life and thrives on encouraging others to realise their true potential. She believes that through art people can express themselves in ways that they didn’t think was possible.

Lesley is our ColourWheel partner in East Cheshire. She lives in Poynton with her husband and son. Lesley had a successful career in education and training for over 35 years before deciding to make a complete lifestyle change and become a ColourWheel partner in December 2019. Before joining the ColourWheel family, Lesley attended classes as a student and was inspired by what she was able to achieve and the amazing people she met. She believes that art can be a great antidote to the stress of everyday life and is keen to help others find their inner creativity! As well as a love of football, Lesley enjoys walking and travelling, exploring new places both in this country and abroad. She is passionate about helping others to learn new skills – and, most importantly, have fun doing it! You will receive a warm and friendly welcome at ColourWheel East Cheshire!

Rekha has lived in Solihull all her life, she loves the area. She has always enjoyed art and she is a keen interior designer. Rekha has recently completed further education in management, wants to put her skills into a new venture and is looking forward to welcoming her students to her art classes. Rekha is a mother to two boys which keep her busy but when she has free time she loves to read and travel and explore new areas and exciting places.
Nadia is a socially engaged visual artist holding a first class Hons BA Degree and a Master of Arts in Fine Arts. She was born in Italy were she attended The European Institute of Design in Naples and the Intercultural Mediation BA degree Course in Padua University. From 2006 she started exhibiting at an international level, including projects involving communities in collaboration with other artists and art organisations. She is currently a project coordinator for Dartford Arts Network.

Audrey has followed a career as an artist-teacher since graduating from the University of Leicester in 1977 where she gained a B.Ed (Credit) in Art and Design and Certificate in Education. At the start of her career, she taught in a large comprehensive school in Bolton and extended her experience and expertise across the key stages to later coordinate Art and Design in a community school in Rochdale. This experience led her to becoming a Senior Lecturer in Professional Studies at Liverpool Hope University from 1998-2011, where she led and taught students on the BA undergraduate and postgraduate  Art & Design courses wishing to becoming teachers and art specialists, together with organising a series of annual community art workshops in disadvantaged areas of Merseyside as part of the ‘Aim Higher’ schools’ initiative.


The opportunity to continue her professional development led her to Switzerland to the College of Beaux Arts to continue her studies towards a Diploma in Stained Glass and Fine Art, which she successfully completed in 2015.


Audrey’s work is inspired by both the natural and manufactured world and explores the various ways in which the landscape has been shaped through history. She has exhibited her work in London and abroad, in Switzerland and NSW, Australia, and continues to paint in her spare time.


“My love for nature and for everything that breathes air has been a great source of inspiration for my own personal artwork and for inspiring my students in their personal art journey.”

Audrey Beaumont, 2019

Cecilia Lopez is a Visual Artist, based in London. She loves connecting with people and places, the passion of her life (and challenge) is to experiment with colours and materials. She has a Master Degree in Industrial Design and a PhD in Architecture. She has taught Design for many years as well as facilitated art workshops for kids and adults in various settings. 

When not teaching in class, she works from her home studio creating paintings and illustrations, gaining inspiration from nature and rich colours with lots of textures. Some of her works play with the characteristics of portraiture along with culture aspects as visual metaphors to express or to convey messages. Have a look at some of her most recent work at:

Jane Cheek’s brightly colored abstract canvases combine expressionist painting with fiber art. She uses embroidery to create subtle detail and sculptural fibers to add dimension to her work. The dichotomy of life informs her process and she often works with opposing elements as a result. Cheek’s art juxtaposes opacity and translucency; two dimensions and three; and structure and complete abstraction. Her color palette is inspired by nature, while her form and structure take inspiration from her life, both past and present. Cheek’s work is a daily practice of seeking and creating joy and her art is an examination of the beautiful mess that is life, love, motherhood, and humanity.

Jane Cheek attended North Carolina State University where she received a BA in Visual Arts Applications. She then completed her K-12 Visual Arts Teacher Certification at Eastern Carolina University. After graduating, she taught art for five years at a K-8 charter school in Durham. She now teaches private art classes and works as a studio artist. Cheek has exhibited her art throughout The Triangle, including at 311 Gallery, Artspace, and The Arts Center. When she isn’t working on art, she and her family can be found living the unschooling life at local parks and museums, and travelling as often as possible.
Instagram: @jane.the.artist

Asia enjoyed teaching adults and children for 20 years, self publishing a book, and being a small business owner in the personal development industry. Asia loves playing with watercolor, working in her herb garden, and creating jewelry with precious metals. She is passionate about exploring a variety of mediums which attracted her to ColourWheel. Asia and her husband, James, have two grown sons. She lives near the North Carolina Coast, loves the outdoors, and enjoys visiting the beach every chance she gets. Asia loves meeting new people and creating a community space for people to get messy, make mistakes, and shine. She looks forward to welcoming you, supporting you and cheering you on in art class.

Libby is a designer-maker, artist teacher living with her son in the Malvern Hills area. She has always worked within Art and Design, which has allowed her to create, build and develop with a broad variety of materials, techniques and processes. Libby completed my BA(Hons) degree in Design Crafts at Hereford College of Art and Design and found her passion for making contemporary antique furniture and constructed textiles based on a theme she called “working the magic”.
After her degree Libby completed a PGCE with Marches Consortium specializing in Design and Technology and taught Resistant Materials, Textiles, Graphics and Art and Design to a GCSE and A-level standard. She currently works in the busy Art and Design department of a local college as a Demonstrating Technician and covering Lecturer. Libby enjoys supporting others to achieve their outcomes and working within a variety of arts including Photography, Textiles, Fashion, Print, 3D and Fine Art.
In her spare time Libby enjoys spending it in the countryside, traveling, motorcycle touring with her partner and developing new ranges for her crafts business.

Linzi trained at Bradford Art College gaining her B.A. in Art & Design. She went on to become a named designer at Liberty’s and sold her hand-printed silks exclusively in Liberty’s of London. Linzi had always written and performed her own songs and she signed to Warner Chappell’s as a songwriter having won the Nordoff Robins singer songwriter award through Radio 1. She gained her teacher training and PG Cert in Fine Art & Professional Practice and went on to become Head of Art/Textiles in London. Linzi became Assistant Director for KW4K’s which culminated in a charity performance in aid of Anti-Slavery International at the Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House called ‘Break the Chains’. Her interest in art, theatre, set design and music has been a constant thread throughout her life. From set designing on London fringe productions to set design for a production at The Traverse, Edinburgh Festival she has facilitated community music and art projects both in the UK and abroad. In 2007 Linzi devised and led an Arts initiative in Banda Ache, Sumatra, following the tsunami. She worked with over 100 students who had been directly affected by the tsunami, creating artworks with the children to raise money for the Sukma Banska schools. Linzi worked at Compton Verney Art Gallery in the Learning Department, before becoming Head of Art at The Croft School for five years. She continues to work with ‘Stratford Youth Theatre’ making and designing sets and props for their productions.
Presently, working as a freelance Artist/Teacher she continues to make and exhibit her ceramic sculptures and prints. She is particularly drawn to textiles and drawing, selling her work at Narberth Pottery in Pembrokeshire. Linzi hosts and produces The Art Show on Welcombe Radio, Stratford upon Avon, a community radio station. The Art Show showcases and celebrates all art forms made in the community, and is an online space that enables creative people to share their work.

Emily is our Partner in Guildford, she is married with three children, all girls! Emily started her career as a dancer before studying for and gaining a qualification in interior design. Emily is highly creative but has an innate sense of customer service, she runs lovely daytime and evening classes at her beautiful venues in Godalming and Guildford.

Sally is our Partner in Cheltenham. Sally’s background, before leaving to look after her growing boys was hospitality, she lived in Bahrain working with the airlines, followed by arranging and wedding planning; she has also spent time as a teaching assistant. Sally now looks after her family, she loves keeping active and spending time with her beloved chihauhuas, Saphire and LouLou. Sally loves design and has a special interest in art therapy, particularly in the area of mental health.

Nathalie has always had a passion for drawing and she specialised in Art and Art History whilst studying in France. She did her Foundation course at Atelier de Sèvres Babylone in Paris and then attended the Olivier de Serres Art School. Moving to England at 23 she specialised in murals, taking commissions from schools, restaurants and also for homes. Nathalie developed a strong interest in portraiture exhibiting four times at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the BP Portrait Award. Recent commissions include Sir Christopher Snowdon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Surrey and Dame Helen Alexander, Chancellor of the University of Southampton. Nathalie has been teaching for a number of years and enjoys encouraging her students to explore their artistic side and develop their skills.

Angeli is a Partner covering the beautiful villages in Runnymede and Surrey Heath. Born in Hampstead, London, Angeli grew up in Old Windsor on the Berkshire/Surrey borders and has lived, worked and studied across London. Initially a business graduate, her career followed various roles in buying, sales and marketing, mainly in the IT software industry, providing a rich source of skills for business support. Whilst working and looking after her family Angeli pursued her interest in developing her creative skills through part-time college courses, subsequently graduating with her BA (Hons) Fine Art from the Buckingham Chilterns University College. She enjoys country walks, pottery and DIY, including a project to set up a garden art studio.

Bhupen is our Partner in Richmond with classes starting in September 2019. Born in Kenya, Bhupen arrived in the UK aged 4 and he grew up in North West London. With a Marketing and Economics degree from the City of London Poly.

Bhupen volunteered on the Board of Trustees for the Royal College of Arts Student Union and was instrumental in the restructuring and development of the organisation over the three years he served. Bhupen is no stranger to running a business and he has successfully managed his own property refurbishment company and also ran his own bar and restaurant in the City.

Bhupen discovered an aptitude for drawing when he was encouraging both young and old to be creative. It is something that he enjoys doing and has a good eye for design and transforming spaces in properties, and is delighted to be able to marry his love of art with his entrepreneurial side. Bhupen lives in Hampstead and is hoping to make a move to Richmond shortly.

Rebecca has always had a love of art, from drawing colourful characters to ceramics. Because of this, she studied Art and Design before going to the University of Wales, Newport to do a degree in Animation, her favourite part was learning from the teachers of the Disney animators. Rebecca has worked in education for nearly ten years, from teaching art to children and young people that didn’t fit into mainstream education to traditional crafts and archery in an Iron Age village. She currently works in a museum and gallery organising events and hands-on activities for the visitors, alongside finding any excuse to be creative.

Jacquie has spent the last 20 years of her career in corporate logistics working for some of the industry leaders. Having always had a passion for art and regularly attending part-time courses she wanted to move out of the corporate environment to allow her creative side to flourish. Born in Scotland and moving to Sheffield for work before moving yet further south eventually settling in Hertfordshire she is thrilled to be doing something she is passionate about. Jacquie loves to read, paint, draw and cook, she restores furniture and lives with her beloved rescue cat Obi.

Natalija is our teacher in Romiley. She is currently studying for her Masters at the Manchester Metropolitan University where she also gained her BA Hons in Art and Illustration. A freelance illustrator and designer, Natalija has been teaching art for several years. She has a broad knowledge of a variety of art techniques and loves helping people explore art and expand their creativity. She runs a number of workshops and classes and has a love of animation. She is enthusiastic and a wonderful communicator and her enthusiasm in class is infectious.

Kathy is our ColourWheel Partner in Stockport. Kathy lives in Stockport with her partner and son. She has spent 10 years working for local charities involved in health and dementia, supporting and managing volunteers. Kathy is also a trained English teacher, and enjoys working with people to help them achieve their best. She loves being creative, cooking and being outdoors and travels around the country in her campervan whenever she can. She welcomes everyone to her friendly, supportive art classes.

Coming from a family of actors and singers, Jane originally trained at The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London as a scenic artist going on to work in professional theatre for many years. After finding having small children and the theatre didn’t mix, she later studied Figurative Sculpture at Stafford Art College and went on to set up her own professional art studio based in Cheshire where she now creates both commissioned sculptures and paintings. Jane has taught art within schools and community settings for over twenty years and has been “artist in residence” in both the UK and Europe for both charities and corporations. She lives with her husband Steve in Bollington in the beautiful hills of the Peak District and has four grown up children. Her sculpture can be seen at

Rania lives in Didsbury since she came to England in 2006 and she is married with three children. Rania trained in design and art direction and studied for her Masters degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. Rania has since worked as graphic designer and also a teaching assistant. Rania loves art in all its forms, she loves to draw and graphic design is her passion. With three children she does not have much time for hobbies but when she does likes to swim, go the gym, read and travelling. Rania is delighted to be working with students to develop their skills and interest in art, it’s a passion she shares.

Chloe was born in Harrow and grew up in Buckinghamshire. She gained a BA (Hons) in Illustration from Brighton University and went on to complete a PGCE in Secondary Art and Design at Roehampton University, Surrey. Chloe has worked in the Education Department at Tate Britain where she supported learning programmes for school students, teachers and adults. She enjoys drawing on location, visiting museums, craft centres and art galleries. Chloe also likes to take inspiration from travelling overseas. These adventures include three days trekking along an ancient oxen trail with women from the red Hmong in Sapa, Vietnam. Chloe left her teaching job at Camden School for Girls, after eleven years to relocate to Exeter. Here, she is combining teaching workshops and continuing with her own art practice.